Chris is captured by enemy troops at Fort Popham! HELP!

Chris and Jamie live in Maine. One of their favorite things to do on a sunny Saturday is to visit a fort. There are a whole bunch of forts all up and down the Coast of Maine. There are three or four very close to South Portland, where they live. There are some others both North and South of here. Chris and Jamie really don't care how historic a fort is, or what great events took place there. They care about one thing; How cool it is. There are some historical facts about some of the forts here, but only because Chris already wrote them for a 4th grade project. This is a guide for kids, and for parents who care about kids opinions. Everything below here was written by Chris, age 9 or Jamie, age 6.

Fort William Henry, Pemaquid

What is left of Fort William Henry is located at Pemaquid. It was named after Sir William Phips, the American colonial officer and the governor of Massachusetts, he said that "Fort William Henry The fort is strong enough to drive back all the Indians in America," during the French and Indian war. It was destroyed in 1696 when 3 French warships, 100 French soldiers, and 500 Indians commanded by Pierre Le Moyne, attacked the fort and demolished it. Fort William Henry was 108 by 108 feet and held 8 cannons.

Chris and Jamie's comments:

There is not much to do at Fort William Henry, it is just a tower (which you can't go inside), a Fort house (Which you also can't go inside) and lots of rubble and walls about a foot off the ground(Which is mostly roped off).

I give Fort William Henry one cannonball that missed it's target by a mile.

Fort Knox, Prospect

fort knox

Fort Knox is named after General Henry Knox, the U.S. secretary of defense and an American revolutionary officer, it was built to protect the Penobscot Valley

When Maine nearly went to war with the British in 1839. Fort Knox is located in Bucksport, Maine. In 1844 the construction of Maine's largest fort began, 20 years and a million dollars later the fort was almost done.

The fort measures 350 by 250 feet, its granite walls are twenty feet high and forty feet thick. Fort Knox was built to mount 137 guns, though none of them ever fired a shot. Fort Knox was garrisoned during the civil war with 50 Maine volunteers and again in 1898 by a Connecticut regiment of 350 men.

Chris and Jamie's comments: Fort Knox is one of the funnest forts to visit (that I know of) there are all kinds of places to go but if you do go to Fort Knox, I'd recommend bringing a flashlight, there all lots of dark corridors and rooms to explore and probably scare the living daylights out of your little sister if you have one.

I give it five cannonballs up ....--er-- five cannonballs

Fort Gorges, Portland Harbor

Fort Gorges was built in 1859 to guard the area around Hog Island during the Civil War. It was built at water level so that cannonballs launched from it would skip across the water and hit enemy ships.

The Civil War ended before it was finished.

Fort Gorges has a hexagonal shape and five of it's sides hold secret compartments for cannons. It became obsolete in the 1860's due to rapid advances in naval power.

During World War 1 and World War 2 it was used to store naval mines. Today Fort Gorges is owned by the city of Portland.

Chris & Jamie's Comments:Well uuuhhh, I've never actually been on it but I've seen it and flown over it, that's about it.

I have no idea how many cannonballs I'd give it.

Fort George, Castine:

Fort George is pretty neat, it has these huge land walls that me and Jamie like to race up and then roll down and there are a lot of cannons to climb on but there's not much of a fort there. I give it 3 cannonballs.

Fort Madison, Castine

Fort Western, Augusta: Fort Western isn't that good a fort but it has all this stuff they take you through on a tour, now I don't know everything that goes on there, the one time I visited it was on a field trip and we only had so much time. Well, anyway on the tour they take you through all these rooms and they show you the game they played, how they spun sweaters and stuff like that. It's hard to really think of it as a fort. I give it 4 cannonballs.

Fort Baldwin, Popham:

Fort Baldwin is actually pretty small, it's roofs (there were a bunch of buildings)are made out of grass that me and Jamie were climbing on and it has windows with bent bars it has a tower but you can't go inside (that stinks) if you do go you probably should bring a flashlight, there a lots of dark passageways an I fell in a hole in the floor more than one time. It's got a bunch of rooms to explore with fireplaces and stuff. I give it 3 and a half cannonballs.

Fort Preble, South Portland

Fort Williams, Cape Elizabeth

Fort Popham, Popham Beach