Oh hi.

Gilleymedia.com got kind of lost in the shuffle at Time Warner Cable, so I've had to take down the old files and move to a new locale. The same thing happened to southwestharbor.com too. So I'm taking this chance to re-do them both from the ground up. It's been years.

I'll be replacing content piece by piece as I go along. A lot of the old content was built in ASP so it's not as simple as it might seem.

Meanwhile, my site at chadsattic.com is still up and running, and you can still reach me at chad@gilleymedia.com.

Here are a couple of the most-read parts of the old site:

1996 Chris and Jamie's Guide to Maine Forts - twentieth anniversary edition

2001 The Curse of Jonathan Buck

2003 In the 1960s WLOB Ruled the Airwaves

2003 Gray, Maine's Civil War Stranger from the South

2004 The Genius of Eddie Driscoll

2007 Scooter Questions: Around Maine on Two Little Wheels

John Gilley- One of the Forgotten Millions